Creative writing

What is Creative Writing? How to Learn?

How to Learn Creative Writing

Creative writing is one of the main components of literary writings. It involves some most important genres of writing. These include poetry, drama, novels, short stories, movie scripts, etc. Such genres are the main part of any language’s literature. Most importantly, they enclose in themselves life events, emotions, sorrows, accidents, and tragedies.


Since creative writing’s main focus and theme revolve around any life event, it is necessary to have a deep understanding and observation power. For a creative content writer, to depict life events in the form of a drama or a novel or a short story, it is of utmost importance to observe life events in-depth and from different perspectives. A creative writer with his/her creative writing skills is always in search of an event or an accident to develop the theme and produce write-up.


For this creative writer i.e., a dramatist, a poet or a novelist observes society from different perspectives. The writer observes various socio-economic, political, and cultural phenomenon in society. And whatever happens in a society in these realms, the writer gets the idea to develop and create the poem, story, or drama. To become a good creative writer, one needs to analyze society from different angles.


From amongst the myriad social ills like poverty, diseases, illiteracy, oppression, lawlessness, and class inequalities the writer draws his/her topics and develops the story. From amongst the tragedies of life such as wars, famine, drought, or an epidemic, the writer finds something to write on and produce the actual story before the readers. There are many stories, dramas, and novels which are the outcomes of these events. In this regard Garcia’s novel ‘Love in Times of Cholera’ or ‘ A Tale of Two Cities’ by Charles Dickens can be taken as examples. So, life events provide a solid basis for creating and developing the genre (drama, novel, and story, etc).


Moreover, for a creative writer to effectively practice creative writing, it is necessary to read more and more books. By reading novels, stories, and dramas written by prominent writers, the writer will have gist regarding the writing styles and diction. Some of the best known creative writers such as Shakespeare, Dickens, and Wordsworths, etc. have produced plenty of creative writings. Their writings can be useful in understanding basic requirements regarding creative writing.


For developing skills in creative writing, one needs emotional touch as well. Any creative writing content has in itself some emotion. Feelings, emotions, troubles which the character experience in life the writer tries to express to the readers. So, the element of emotion is key to induce attraction and impressive expression in the content.


Also, understanding the cultural values and norms is important for a creative writer. What is acceptable in one culture may not be acceptable in another and vice versa. A deep understanding of cultural values and historical events of that culture will help in producing good content.


Finally, language mastery is crucial to creative writing. The use of diverse vocabulary, various writing styles, idioms, proverbs axioms, etc. will make the content impressive and tasty. So, for a good creative writer, command over the language is the most important tool.

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