Writing Communication Skills

10 Tips to Improve Your Writing Communication Skills

How to Improve Your Writing Communication Skills

Communication is incomplete without effective writing skills. In business writing skill is one of the top in-demand skills employers want to see in their employees. If you have impressive writing communication skills your chances are higher to get a promotion. During the academic career of students, their success to secure good grades is directly linked with their ability to impress their teachers and mentors with effective writing skills. If they know how to write they can easily impress their teachers and examiners. The better the writing skills the higher the graph on their result card which, otherwise, with low writing skills can bring shame for students.

Moreover, today’s virtual world of the internet abounds with hundreds of thousands of opportunities for online income sources like content writing services. The one main and basic skill that improves one’s chance to find the way on the internet is one’s ability to effectively communicate with the target sources with impressive writing skills. So, there is no second opinion on the importance of writing communication skills. In this article, we bring for you answer to the question how to be a good writer. Here are ten tips to improve your writing communication skills.


1. Keep it Simple

Simplicity is the key to impress people around you. Though it is writing or a work of art, simplicity in your conduct always receives general applause. People love it and always tend to like it for a longer period. Simple writing provides the writer with maximum capacity to successfully convey message to the target audience. Simple writing is always easy for a writer to write and at the same time, it is the best way to enable the target audience to understand the message with maximum ease and comfort.


2. Don’t Use Heavy Vocabulary

It is observed that building sufficient vocabulary is the dream of every writer. For a student, it comes with greater craze and enthusiasm. On the other hand, the key recommendation of keeping the content easy to understand simply doesn’t bode well with the habit of using heavy vocabulary. With excessive and unnecessary use of heavy vocabulary, the level of difficulty increases for a writer to convey the message or idea in an easier way. At the same time, it becomes troubling for the reader to comprehend the content.


3. Short Sentences are Always Advisable

The use of short sentences is always advisable because it is associated with the ability to create simple writing content. Shorter sentence induces clarity of ideas both for a writer to write and for the reader to comprehend. It helps to keep the paragraphs under full command and control.


4. Keep Paragraph Short and limited

Similarly, keeping paragraphs short and limited is another key trick to improve writing communication skills. Short and simple paragraphs are easy to keep coherence and unity among sentences. Shorter paragraphs increase the readability and help the reader to read with interest. Larger paragraphs are vulnerable to boredom and the reader may find it difficult to keep pace and end up without reading it fully.


5. Start Every Sentence with a Capital Letter

This is the rule of English writing that every time a sentence starts, use a capital letter in the beginning. This trick may help the writer to induce value and quality in writing communication skills.


6. Use Proper Nouns to Show Importance

The use of a proper noun is a significant element of English writing. It shows the value the writer gives to those who are named in the content. It increases the beauty of the writing communication and initiates a sense of affection in the reader for the content and for the writer as well.


7. Keep Your Writing Succinct

Succinct writing is always appreciate because it has written with a focus on quality rather than quantity. Succinct means avoid using vague and irrelevant ideas in writing. Make the presentation of writing content to the point and valuable. It induces the interest of the reader and fulfills the needs of the target audience.


8. Be Cautious for Any Confusing and Complex Idea

Writing experts always advise their students to avoid including confusing ideas in writing communications. This is a very significant tip to keep the standard and quality of the writing content up to the level best of your abilities. Whenever an unclear or confusing idea comes to a writer’s mind, he/she should avoid using it in writing because it can cause confusion in the reader’s mind and spoil the purpose of the act leading the communication to an undesirable end.


9. Convey the Full Message or Idea

The purpose of the writing must be complete. There must not remain unfinished information or tasks in writing communication. It means answered all the questions asked or answered all the questions you deem to be answered. Incomplete information is always detested by the reader and is not encouraged by writing experts.


10. Be friendly and Optimist in Your Tone

Keep your tone friendly and optimistic in your writing. This special feature builds trust and strengthens the bond of the relationship between the writer and the target reader.

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