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Importance of 6 September for Pakistani People

Importance of 6 September:

6 September defense day is one of the essential days of our lives. Each year, the Pakistani people mark this day to give recognition to our Ghazis and Shuhda’s who courageously destroyed India and protected our land.

They maintain the boundaries of Pakistan and protect the souls and the land with their excellent and excellent bravery, which is also recognize as Youm-e-Difa.

The day 6 September is consider a Public Holiday and to memorialize the soldiers who had to dedicate their lives to defend our motherland, Pakistan.


History Behind 6 September 1965:

Defense day is one of the golden days of Pakistan. It’s the day when the Indian army launched an attack on Pakistan without giving any sign or warning for a declaration of war.

Thanks to our brave and mighty soldiers who were protecting us, all of them defend the country till their last breath. The Pakistani fought with compassion, love, and courage.

But the victory was claimed from both sides when the US and the soviet union intervened. This 1965 war lasted for 17 days and nights and caused many casualties on both sides.


The Spirit of Youm-e-Difa:

The most amazing fact is that Pakistan was able to protect its border from its enemies. And reclaim the country as independence. And put our country name as one of the most powerful nations in the world.

Our army is so strong that they didn’t give any type of opening. The enemy and showed the world the power of our man in uniform. That are also note as one of the most crucial times when many soldiers sacrifice their lives to protect our nation.

The flames and charisma of 6 September will always remain in our hearts. And also in our national history of Pakistan. According to Content Writing Services. It is the day that will be remembered from generation to generation for our heroic men who made our present and future better.

We celebrate this day traditionally across the nation. Followed by special prayers for the martyrs and also to pay tribute to thousands of people killed during the war.


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