Career With The Help Of Content Writing

How To Make A Career With The Help Of Content Writing

To become a Content writer, especially in Pakistan, is not an easy feat. There are various reasons why content writing is not considered a career, but due to recent updates of Google, there’s been an enormous demand for Content Writers in Pakistan.

This indicated that thanks to Google, Content writing is now considered a profession and not considered a joke. Content writing has different parts, and sometimes it’s not easy which one to pick first, and sometimes it can be challenging for newcomers to decide where to start first. But don’t worry. If mastered, we are here with some concrete steps that can be a life-changer for all of you.

Step 1: Build A foundation.

The first point you want to do is build a foundation because content writing is more interesting; pushing back less interested one indicates that building a foundation is necessary and that mastering your skillset is the efficient way to stand out from the rest.

Writing Skill

Those who are still in college and universities and those who graduated must have written thesis reports or completed some assignment, Right? Now those writing skills may come in handy, and those of you who didn’t start then start right now because there is a massive demand for content writing.

And for those who are going to start improving your writing skills by writing about anything you can find on the internet or writes essays, thesis reports. Or write about your wild fantasies. It’s best to become a Content writer in Karachi, and when it’s time to look for a job, you will be able to write 4 to 5 thousand quickly by then.

SEO Writer.

In today’s era, there have been many job opportunities for SEO Content Writing where there is SEO Expert there also SEO writer who handles all of his content. Let’s say you are given a website, and you have to manage all of that website content which indicates you will need to search for content that is related to your primary website’s keywords.

And every website has its own relevant keywords. So, be sure to be familiar with every SEO keyword so that you don’t have any difficulties writing about multiple brands simultaneously.

Step 2: Let People Know.

The following action you want to do is to build your presence and tell the world that you are also here and can provide better quality work than others.


Making your own portfolio is an effective way to let people know about your work. This method is used in showing your skills and will be able to attract more customers. If you have enough luck, you may even get private work from million-dollar companies, and you will have the opportunity to charge them as much as you like.

People will know that you are reliable instead of making false promises. And the first step that you need to take is by making your own blog posts and write about articles that you think are the most interesting and readers will definitely like and them.

Then and by following this method, you will be able to post 20 to 40 articles monthly. And if traffic starts to generate, you will get assignments from foreign countries and will be able to make a name for yourself.

Social Media.

Everyone knows that the number one way you can attract people is through social media. It doesn’t matter if you run a small business or a large one.

Once it starts trending on social media, then no one can stop it. Young teenagers have the most influence on social media, and if they find something attractive to them, you expect that they will t share it with their friends, and those number of friends could reach up to thousands in a matter of seconds.

So try to post articles on Social media and write about something that young people are interested in and which hooked their eyes just by reading your article. 

Step 3: Apply For A Job.

Apply For A Company.

When you think you are ready and want to apply for a job and want to gain some experience, do it. When gaining some experience from a company, you will be able to learn new things and will be able to enhance your typing skills further. And you will be able to learn about different topic materials and how to study them properly.

You will also be capable of finding numerous tools companies are using nowadays to improve their content further. If you gain some experience, you will be mature enough to write about any content and have no worries about anything. 


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