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8 Tips to Write SEO Friendly Content to Rank Your Site

The content should be written in an original and unique method. Before using the post titles, there should be some homework done on the posts. The text written in the context should be clear and arranged in a way that it beautifies the content that’s you are posting. To make the content attractive and SEO friendly content you should add pictures to your content as well as optimize them.

Use Headlines and Sub Headers:

Use headings and sub-headers to make content more reliable and creates many possibilities for optimization of SEO. The usage of headings and sub headers makes your writing more clear and attractive that readers can understand and read easily. Because the people are more likely to share the contents and things that are quite easy to read. The main advantage of using headlines and subheaders is that during reading any content of your site the reader easily recognizes the headlines in your content and becomes easy for the reader to understand the content. And after understanding the reader can easily observe through the whole content which point is important.

Add Links to Previous Content:

Add link is one of the ways to rank your content. The rank is improved or gets by the number of backlinks they get through previous content. More the content backlinks the SEO content will be more accurate and good for the readers. The links are of two types

External link and Internal Link

The linkage of your content to the previous high-quality links, it results in making your content more attractive and valuable along with increase the validity of your content. The better links that will help make your paper in top rank in the search results. And using credible sources within the structure of your content, and how clear and accurate your words the readers easily understand your quality work and it makes strong and good trust in your content readers.

Optimize the Length of Your Article:

In the past times, many blog posts you have read you’d read about 700 words. This was a number game, this means that the more blog or content you publish more content readers would be available that’s very useful for your content publication. In the present time, the contents or blogs have been written in very significant and in very short forms or very less in the number of copies published by the content writers. Then use the information that would be the best approach for your best work style and the user or reader should be quite satisfied and very attractive to your collection of words in your content.

Structure of Your Content:

To make an attractive content the structure of the content should be according to rules and regulations. The structure of the content should be in the form of segments. This will help to understand the content more easily and efficiently. The main advantage of making the segments is that once you make the segment you should easily work on any segment any time easily and very accurately.

Choose Keyword Wisely:

It’s very common that some marketers sit and start writing content over SEO without any keyword selection. This results in these writers become fail during their content optimization and left the SEO optimization for the last moments without completing.

The rule is that first, you should find the relative keywords to your content topic. Often it occurs that the keyword you selected for your content, you didn’t have anyhow known about that keyword. But you should search for that keyword by using keyword planning tools and more advanced SEO tools like Ahrefs or SERPSTAT.

Optimize Your Images:

Images in your content are very valuable to make your content interesting and attractive. The images added in the content should be as small in size as much as possible. But the main thing is that to don’t compromise on the quality and visibility of your image. Different tools are available widely for the optimization of the images with clearance without compromising on the quality of the pictures.

Makes Your Content Shareable:

So, you become successful in managing the SEO-friendly, content-rich, and the type of content that people want to read. Now the next modification in your content is that make your content shareable. The main purpose of this modification is that through this step more and more people can take advantage of the content. The content can share through different websites like Share this and add this and to make it easy to add these in a button on your websites so that the content can be shared easily.

Write High-Quality Content:

This step is quite-evident but not often obeyed. The main thing is that to make people engaged and attractive to your content, it only becomes possible that make your content more useful and entertaining by adding different functionalities and optimization to your content. In your content, the most important factor is the quality of your content. The other factors in your content can be compromise.

The main thing is that you should know about the main idea that how to improve quality. Once you got the idea in your mind, you will be able to write and format your content very easily and after getting the idea you know about tools that makes the quality of content more attractive and high.

Applying Scrapper Method:

The scrapper method mostly used in your content to navigate or identify the validity of your content where it is outdated and then try to make something more clear and better to your content for the easy understanding of readers. But in the form of a blog, it is important that in your blog or content the typing method and the strategy for understanding the exact value or exact form of your content is how much value and how can this value be more maximize so that it would be quite helpful and security based on your computer.

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