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What Is The Untold Story Of Pakistan’s Independence?

August 14 has high importance in the history of Pakistan. To repay recognition to our leaders and people’s offerings and celebrate the independence of Pakistan.

August 14 can commemorate every year with great enthusiasm. Independence Day does mark with joy and pleasure to show our satisfaction of being independent on the map of the world.

The entire nation of Pakistan observes Independence Day to thank Allah for giving us an independent country. Where we can live our lives according to the teachings of Islam.


Untold Story Of Pakistan’s Independence:


The establishment of Pakistan is a shocking one and altogether a unique occurrence in modern history.

Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India were initially part of one extensive territory specified as the Indian subcontinent. Ever since the belief in Islam enters and it includes in the subcontinent, peace does interrupt due to conflicts and subjugation of Muslims by Hindus. To protect the Muslims, intelligent thought and theories are set into motion after the War of Independence in 1857.


The outcome was not in favor of the Muslim society. But, with determination and faith, the oppressed Muslims staying in the subcontinent were victorious in achieving their desires of freedom. In 1906, the All-India Muslim League are organizing. On October 1, the corresponding year, the leading gathering of 36 Muslim rulers introduced their request to the representative of India at Simla for a separate nation for Muslims. 


The idea of Pakistan and freedom for Muslims would have continued a pipe dream if not for individual man’s efforts and struggle to execute it a reality. Muhammad Ali Jinnah was a lawyer and diplomat who later converted the father of the country of Pakistan. Jinnah was the head of the All-India Muslim League from 1913 onwards until Pakistan’s independence. And if you also need help with your essays or articles, you can check our Article Writing Service Company.


Allama Muhammad Iqbal was another visionary who thrust the concept of the separation of Muslims from India. In his official speech on December 29, 1930, at Allahabad, Iqbal suggested the idea. The Allahabad Address is now advance in history. The title ‘Pakistan’ is first developing in a booklet called “Now Or Never” in 1933. 


It was quite a massive day in history. Famous Muslim officers from all over India visited the session, and there was indeed a logical solution to the centuries-old conflict of Muslims to achieve independence day and freedom. On February 20, 1947, the turning point occurred when British Prime Minister Clement Attlee declared to grant India full self-governance by June 1948. After various discussions with the British government and Congress heads, the last representative of India, Lord Mountbatten, published the ‘June Plan.’


Both India’s Congress and the Muslim League greeted Mountbatten’s plan. In July 1947, the British authority launched the Indian Independence Act. Individual provisional regulations were verified for Pakistan and India on July 20. Finally, the great subcontinent of British India is partition into the two nations of India and Pakistan on August 14, 1947. 


The separation was full of slaughter and destruction. Since the concept of a separate country for Muslims, Hindu ruthlessness amplified. There was significant resistance to Jinnah and the remainder of the Muslim rulers’ comments to build a sovereign identity. Ancestors and families were killed, and stories of partitions are still handled and archived today. 


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