Afghanistan Current Situation

Background History Of Afghanistan Current Situation

Following the 20 years long and expensive war, the Taliban have conquered Afghanistan. The Taliban have shocked the whole world with their fast-paced advance over the entire nation and the capital city Kabul on 15 August. And due to this situation, the international armies stationed there started to withdraw from Afghanistan. Even the US armies announced their retreat due to the settlement between the US and the Taliban.

The fight against the Taliban has slaughtered thousands and millions of souls and has destroyed trillions of dollars worth of infrastructure. Also, the Taliban have pledged that they will not permit anyone to turn Afghanistan into a terrorist nation that would endanger the world. But, issues are questioning about the government that will rule the country and their rules for the ladies, personal preference, and political rights. 

Why Did The US Attack Afghanistan And Why Did It Continue For 20 Years?

Back in 2001, the US responded to the 9/11 attack on Newyork and Washington, in which more than 3000 lives were slaughtered. The Government of the US recognized this as an Islamist organization known as “Al-Qaeda,” and the leader was found to be Osama Bin Laden. He went to Afghanistan and was under the banner of the Taliban, the Islamist government, in 1996. When the US ordered the Afghanistan Government to hand over Bin Ladin, they refused. The US mobilized its Military hastily, eliminated the Taliban, and vowed to promote democracy and reduce terrorist rain.

Nato was affiliated with the US and is accompanying them to look after the current Afghan administration in 2004. The Taliban started their strike, and the US President ordered the US Forces to drive back the Taliban. But all this did not last in the long term. In 2014, after the end of the slaughtered year in 2001, NATO forces had ended their mission, sheltering the Afghanistan Troops.

This circumstance provided the flare to the Taliban and captured more regions under their banner. After, the US. And Taliban agreement started shortly with the Afghan Administration pretty much uninvolved, including the deal on a retreat announced in 2020 in Qatar.  

How Much Money Was Poured Into This War?

It is not easy to say accurately that the losses are much more enormous than the Taliban and Afghan noncombatants. According to the analysis from a source, it tells us that the losses in the Afgan troops are around 69,000.

It is placing the number of civilians and protesters who are killing was about 51,000. Also, more than 3500 alliance soldiers lost their lives in 2001. About two-thirds of them were Americans, and more than 20,000 soldiers were wounded. Content Writers PK And we have also followed the reports of 2012  almost five million lives have escaped or not returned; they may be either remove from Afghanistan or sheltered in different nations.

Some relevant data also shows that the US spending in the war included army and rebuilding supplies in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and the total sum was about 980 billion dollars. Almost $1trillion is using in this war.   

What Could Happen Next?

How Afghanistan is ruling still remains to be unclear to this day. Some sources also say that Women in  Afghanistan will face an unknown future ahead. Taliban spokesperson Suhail Shaheen announces that the government will recognize the benefits of Women and youth as per Islamic ways.

On Tuesday, the protesters announcing that there should be a woman in the management. But there are concerns and issues over women’s rights to work and dress and go home alone under the Taliban Rule. Another significant issue is that some people think that Afghanistan will again practice its ground for terrorist activities.

Taliban Leader announced and pledged to fully follow the US deal and stop any organization from using Afghanistan land and soil to harm the US and its allies.

They have stated and announced that they want to execute Islamic policies and don’t want to endanger other nations. But various other sources say that the Taliban and Al-Qaida have connected with the phrase sliders profoundly rooted and engaged in exercises.

It is also essential that the Taliban are not a centralized and united force. Some government members need help to keep the west silent by not provoking them. But the headliners may remain reluctant to cut their links with Al-Qaida. How influential Al-Qaida is and whether they could completely rebuild its global system is also unknown to everyone in the world.

Next, the Islamic state organization ISKP (Khorasan Province), which the Taliban attacked. Like Al-Qaida, ISKP has been corrupting by the US, and NATO could still manage the post-withdrawal time to regroup. Its competitor estimates could be only within a few numbers and 2,000. However, it may obtain footholds in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan, a critical environmental concern.

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